Sabana Sur, San José 
Costa Rica

DOMAIN:  Lead DevOps Engineer

SUMMARY: Rod Molina is a proficient and proactive Lead DevOps Engineer and Software Developer with strong customer service background. He has developed excellent people skills and a customer-oriented culture as well as strong problem solving and architectural skills. He has worked with a wide variety of development and infrastructure technologies that makes him feel confident working with and tackling most endeavors or problems that modern agile software development teams may have to deal with.



  • Amazon EC2
  • OpenStack
  • Heat
  • Windows Server
  • XML
  • JIRA
  • Chef
  • Amazon ECS
  • Project Management
  • DevOps
  • REST
  • Unix
  • Databases
  • Python
  • Microsoft Office
  • Infrastructure as code
  • Continuous Delivery
  • Linux
  • XPath
  • Web Applications
  • Technical Support
  • Confluence
  • Jenkins
  • Docker
  • Software Development
  • SQL
  • Amazon Cloudformation
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Information Technology
  • Continuous Integration
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Shell Scripting
  • Bash
  • Operating Systems
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Cloud Computing
  • Servers
  • Puppet


Gorilla Logic – March 2016 – Present
Position: DevOps Practice Lead for DigitalGlobe Account

  • Part of the team that re-engineered the Jenkins based CI/CD pipeline for all enterprise development teams.
  • In charge of automating the deployment, configuration and maintenance of all components of the pipeline, including Jenkins, build agents, XL Release, Hashicorp Vault and other ancillary applications.
  • Used bash scripting to configure all components of the Jenkins stack on Hashicorp Packer images aiming to an immutable infrastructure design.
  • Wrote infrastructure as code templates for Openstack(Heat) to deploy Packer built images for all components of the CI/CD stack.
  • Wrote an MVP to migrate to Puppet from bash scripting and start using a configuration management based configuration, the Puppet initiative was later dropped in favor of Chef.
  • Migrated the whole Jenkins stack to Chef, writing full in house built cookbooks and recipes for each one of the components that from the CI/CD pipeline.
  • Currently in the process of designing and implementing a Concourse CI based pipeline to automate Packer image creation and Docker image builds.

SBR Netmarketing and Consulting S.A. – November 2009 – March 2016
Position: DevOps Engineer – Backend Developer
Description: Positions and specializations over the last 6 years:

Web administrator roles:

  • Participate in website content maintenance and publishing process.
  • Responsible for all end user support and customer complaints through email, live chat and forums.

QA analyst roles:

  • Ensured the security and availability of sites and web applications installed or developed on company’s servers.
  • Followed troubleshooting and initial assessment procedures on every issue encountered on the company’s sites and applications.
  • Provided reports, statistics and system analysis for any detected problem.
  • Analyzed errors, escalated issues to developers and verified fixes.
  • Generated test scenarios, test cases and test data.
  • Executed tests, created problem reports.

Backend Developer roles:

  • Worked with Agile methodologies using mainly Atlassian Jira, extensive experience maintaining and configuring Jira and Confluence, also used Scrumwise for a very short time.
  • Worked extensively with XML/XSLT transformations for a data importer that uses XML/JSON/Text feeds as sources.
  • Part of the team who developed a Ruby on Rails backend importer service that takes care of consuming data sources from different providers using RESQUE for scheduling jobs to make REST requests for the needed data.
  • Maintained a Python based API that feeds and transforms the resulting data from the backend importer to different web and frontend sites and services.
  • Worked with SQL Server, Apache Cassandra and MySQL database servers maintaining and fixing bugs related to the data insertion and consumption from the aforementioned importer service.
  • Managed and maintained Redis and Memcached caching servers used across the infrastructure.

DevOps engineer roles:

  • In charge of designing and implementing continuous integration and continuous delivery solutions for the different projects in the company.
  • Worked setting up Atlassian Bamboo build and deploy plans for Rails, Python and Docker based projects.
  • Set up and maintained production and development of AWS infrastructures using most of their services, more prominently using EC2, AutoScaling, ELB, ECS, Cloudformation, Elasticache, RDS, Cloudwatch, SNS and Route53, also minor testing experience with CodeDeploy and Lambda, though we never actually took any project to production with them.
  • Migrated most projects to Docker, having gained significant experience with Linux container technology for production and development environments.
  • In charge of setting up and maintain development environments (Linux VMs with different requirements per project) for all backend developers.  

Hewlett Packard – November 2016 – January 2010
Position: Server Support Engineer Lv.2
Description: Started as a front line level 1 tech support for servers being top performer during all the time spent on the position. Escalated to Mentor position after less than 6 months in the job and took care of mentoring a team of 20+ agents technical and procedures wise. After 3 months on this position, got promoted to handling complex issues for server replacements and returns for the whole US market of Hewlett Packard and took care of customer escalations for technical support on all of the Low End Industry Standard Servers line of HP. Was in charge of delivering training to new hires and current support agents on top issues and technical subjects.

  • Formed part of the team in charge of the maintenance and deployment of the HP ISS GSC lab, a 100+ unit server room with operating systems including Windows Server 2003, Server 2008, RHEL, SLES and other Linux Distros along with HP SIM and HP Blade Infrastructures C-Class and P-Class server enclosures.
  • In mid 2008 got promoted to the Global Competency Center as Engineer level 2 taking care of the company´s biggest accounts and managing hot issues with major deal risks and complex environments under Windows and Linux environments based on pretty much any small and medium sized business oriented HP server or direct attached storage solutions from HP.
  • Resigned from the company pursuing a better opportunity and due to the lack of growth paths in my current position at the time.

Heritage Sports – August 2006 – October 2006
Position: Customer Service Representative
Description: Spent 3 months on the company doing customer service and accounting. Despite the short amount of time on the company, managed to get recognized as one of the best customer service reps on the company

Bet on Sports – June 2001 – August 2006
Position: Tech Support / Customer Service / Poker Room / Wagering Representative
Description: Started as a wagering frontline agent, spent a year on the position and moved on to customer service. After one year on Customer Service working with all sorts of payment solutions both online and person-to-person, got promoted to website maintenance and tech support for the company´s website.

  • Maintained the main company’s website along with the online casino, gave tech support to customers having problems with the site, ran productivity reports daily and helped on reviewing all content posted on the site.
  • Part of the team that planned and implemented Millennium Sport’s poker room from scratch.
  • Worked on the poker room administration and fraud analysis, worked with several poker room solutions but mainly on Tribeca Tables software.
  • Left after the company went bankrupt on 2006 along with the rest of the workforce. 


HP Server Support Technician

HP Blade Server Support Technician

HP Trained Linux over HP Servers Support Technician

Universidad Latina de CR
Started Telematics Engineering but had to get it frozen due to time restraints

Universidad Estatal a Distancia (UNED)
Currently pursuing Computer Science