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  • Integration
  • Git
  • Gitlab
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • XML
  • JIRA
  • Eclipse
  • Unix
  • Objective-C
  • Test Automation
  • Linux
  • iOS Development
  • Github
  • C
  • MySQL
  • C++
  • Bash
  • Software Engineering
  • Agile Methodologies
  • Java
  • Testing
  • Software Development
  • iOS
  • Scrum
  • SQL


Freelancer – May 2017 - Present
Position: Senior iOS Software Engineer

  •  Conducted third-party technical interviews (iOS) to help companies needing iOS developers.
  • Led iOS candidates through online coding exercises to evaluate technical proficiency.
  • Personal development projects.

Malauzai Software –  2015 - Abril 2017
Position: Senior iOS Software Engineer

  • Helped develop watch kit extension of existing app (with one other engineer) to be live in the app store from day one of retail availability of the Apple Watch. 
  • New feature development and maintenance of existing iPhone / iPad codebase used for creating customized apps for over 400 financial institutions. 
  • Refactoring large sections of legacy code for long-term maintainability/flexible design.
  • Collaborated with backend team to design interfaces for consuming web services.
  • Partnered with Android team to keep consistent look and feel across platforms.
  • Responsible for mentoring and managing assignments for junior/new-hire engineer.
  • Developed sets of unit tests (XCTest) and UITests, organized regular pre-release testing.
  • Used git/gitlabs for version control and JIRA for project tracking. 
  • Provided training for new-hire engineers.

Ringful Health – 2013 - 2015
Position: iOS Software Development Engineer

  • Added barcode view controller to existing iOS app for looking up prescription medications. 
  • Added features to intermittently collect questionnaire-based data from HTML web page displayed on mobile device.
  • Stored questionnaire data in an SQL-based database and displayed on a separate HTML pages.
  • Added customized UIAlertView to remind patients of medication to be taken. 
  • Developed Android prototype for existing iOS application. 
  • Developed automated test scripts using KIF and XCTest. 
  • Collaborated development efforts with other developer via github.
  • Managed tasks estimation and tracking via JIRA.

Emerson Process Management  – 2010 - 2013
Position: Software Test Automation Engineer

  • Used Visual Studio to create automated regression tests in C# (for safety-critical functionality).
  • Created daily build evaluation tool using Python, STAX/STAF and HTML.
  • Incorporated automated tests into Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) for remote test execution.
  • Served as “scrummaster” for test automation team of 5 people to prioritize daily tasks.
  • Performed activities (e.g. code reviews) to prepare for audit of safety-critical testing processes.
  • Developed Powershell scripts to facilitate testing virtual machines running on HyperV / VirtualPC.
  • Participated in design, use case, test plan, and test coverage plan reviews for incorporating virtualization technologies with future releases of DeltaV software.
  • Delivered educational presentations to test engineers and managers for using virtualization.
  • Verified interoperability of DeltaV software with third-party technologies (such as Cisco firewalls, touch-screen monitors, and KVM extenders).

IBM (Systems and Technology Group)  – 2005 - 2009
Position: Firmware Engineer

  • Wrote/maintained C++ firmware for the FSP (flexible service processor) on IBM server systems.
  • Developed educational presentations for users of Hardware Object Model (HOM) code.
  • Helped train team members working in India * Worked with other team members to re-design existing code to support multi-threading.
  • Implemented performance enhancements (relying on cached data, algorithm optimization, etc.).
  • Developed override capability on validation checks for early testing on small configurations.
  • Enhanced error checking for incorrect user configuration with hardware and cabling scenarios.
  • Participated in Unit Testing pilot project.

Schlumberger Ltd  – 2003 - 2004
Position: Software Process Engineer (Graduate School Internship)

  • Managed center-wide, software process-related projects for achieving CMM Level 3 certification.
  • Coordinated definition and revision of over 20 process-related documents (policies, official procedures, and templates) for requirements management, project planning, SQA, configuration management, testing, etc.
  • Trained project managers on execution of newly defined processes.
  • Coordinated Software Quality Assurance activities on projects.
  • Implemented project planning/tracking/reporting system using MS Project/Project Server.
  • Implemented a web-based Project Database used for project estimation, tracking and post project analysis using MS Project / Project Server and SQL Server.

Schlumberger Ltd  – 2003 - 2004
Position: Software Process Engineer (Graduate School Internship)

  • Web and mobile application for the administration, implementation, and follow-up of findings for companies of statistical data processing. Technologies: React, React Native, Redux, Flow Express, MongoDB, Git, Scrum.

Momentum Technical Consulting  – 1999 - 2003
Position: Vice-President Momentum Technical Consulting

  • Helped grow the company from 3 people to 12+ (full-time equivalent) employees.
  • Balanced high level of billable hours on technical projects with business development. 
  • Technical lead roles on projects, including developing project schedules, design and specification of code requirements, and coordinating. code development with multiple team members.
  • Improved source code control process within company. 
  • Helped train new employees. 
  • Part-time technical sales.

Schlumberger Ltd  – 2003 - 2004
Position: Software Process Engineer (Graduate School Internship)

  • Development of internal commercial management software. Technologies: React J, Javascript, TypeScript, CSS3, HTML5, Git.

Fisher-Rosemount Systems (via Momentum) – 2001 - 2003
Position: Test Consultant

  • Part of test team for checking quality of new releases of DeltaV control software (for distributed control systems).
  • Developed and executed test plans for software, hardware, and device interoperability.
  • Tested interoperability for classic IO, Profibus, Asibus, Fieldbus, and DeviceNet devices.
  • Wrote test scripts for automation of repeated tests.
  • Worked closely with developers on resolving hardware, software and firmware issues.

Advanced Micro Devices (via Momentum) – 2001 - 2003
Position: Project Lead

  • Main programmer in developing and maintaining “endpoint detection” software (in-situ control and data monitoring software) to optimize throughput of Semiconductor Fab.
  • Conducted software development, testing, and hardware/software integration for a set of 11 semiconductor manufacturing tools (Chemical Mechanical Polish area).
  • Developed data reprocessing software to allow engineers to analyze manufacturing data.
  • Worked closely with customers for developing control algorithms on manufacturing tools.
  • Replaced hardware-based solutions with software equivalent, reducing equipment footprint.
  • Implemented automatic algorithm selection (i.e. detected materials being processed during current run and adjusted the endpoint detection algorithm accordingly).
  • Created internal desktop simulation system for testing endpoint software using real-world data.
  • Project work allowed Momentum to be an “Alliance member” company with National Instruments.


P. Beckage, R. Lukner, W. Cho, K. Edwards, M. Jester "Improved metal CMP endpoint control by monitoring carrier motor current and pad temperature", SPIE Microelectronic Manufacturing, Process, Equipment & Materials Control in IC Manufacturing, 22-23 September 1999, Proceedings of SPIE Vol. 3882.


M.S., Software Engineering The University of Texas at Austin

B.S., Electrical Engineering The University of Texas at Austin

Language Study (Mandarin) Anhui University (Hefei, China)