Salesforce Developer | Mexico City, Mexico

Isaí is a Salesforce developer with four years of experience in the creation of objects, custom fields, apex classes, batch apex, test classes, validation rules, workflow rules, triggers, Visualforce pages, lightning components, and administration of standard pages in the Salesforce.com platform.

A dynamic, responsible, analytic and proactive team player who is able to produce high quality work under pressure, he is eager to explore new challenges and acquire new skills that will make him more competitive on the job and that will allow him to help increase productivity for his department.

Main skills:
- Object-oriented programming
- Java
- Apex
- Salesforce.com
- Javascript, JQuery, HTML, CSS





  • Wireshark
  • DNS
  • Lightning Components
  • CentOS
  • Eclipse
  • PostgreSQL
  • C#
  • Apex
  • jQuery
  • Domain name
  • systemJavascript
  • Salesforce.com development
  • HTTP proxy
  • MySQL
  • Microsoft Windows
  • DHCP
  • Arquitectura cliente-servidor
  • Java EE
  • HTML
  • Salesforce.com
  • HTTP server
  • VLAN
  • Ubuntu
  • Netperf
  • Cascading style sheets (CSS)


GBM Grupo Bursátil Mexicano – April 2017 – Present
Position: Senior Salesforce Developer
Description: Responsible for all technical aspects of Salesforce development including: development standards, design/implementation of solutions and code quality assurance.

  • Implementation and support to developers on the best practices of Salesforce.
  • Configuration of the life cycle of development and release between sandboxes using Force.com Migration tool and Github.
  • Configuration of objects, custom fields, profiles and permission sets.
  • Creating custom settings and custom metadata types.
  • Responsible for the development and maintenance of triggers, apex classes, batch apex and test classes.
  • Development and maintenance of Visualforce pages using Lightning Design System, Javascript, Visualforce components, remote action and Streaming API.
  • Integration of external systems and Salesforce using REST and SOAP services.
  • Integration of Salesforce CRM with Marketing Cloud (exacttarget).
  • Development of CloudPages with AMPScript and Journey Builders in Marketing Cloud (exacttarget)
  • Tools: Office, Eclipse, Salesforce.com, Postman, MavensMate, Data Loader and Workforce developerforce

Software Next Door. – May 2016 – February 2017
Position: Senior Salesforce Developer
Description: Senior Salesforce Developer within the activities he carried out are:

  • Analysis of the requirements, design and development of the solution.
  • In charge of the development and maintenance of apex classes, triggers, batch apex and test classes.
  • Creation of objects, fields, profiles and permission set.
  • Customization of custom settings and custom metadata types.
  • Using Metadata Service API -Development and maintenance of Visualforce pages using javascript, remote action and Streaming API.
  • Development and maintenance of Lightning App Builder and Lightning Components using Lightning Design System.
  • Installation of components between environments using the Data Migration Tool.
  • Generation of package manage in Salesforce.
  • Integration of Twilio and Salesforce CRM. Tools: Github, Sublime Text3 - Mavensmate and Jira (Agile Development Scrum)

BBVA Bancomer – December 2013 – May 2016
Position: Salesforce Developer
Description: Responsible for the development, implementation and maintenance of triggers, apex classes, batch apex, test classes, objects, fields, workflow rules, validation rules, Visualforce pages and standard salesforce pages.

  • Analysis of functional requirements.
  • Attention of improvements to productive implementations, trying to give best practices and suggestions in each requirement.
  • Attention of incidents in a timely manner.
  • Execution of functional and user tests for new developments and maintenance of the components.
  • Creation of objects, custom fields, quick actions, record types and URL buttons, JavaScript and Visualforce.
  • Configuration of security at the field and object level as well as the object collaboration rules.
  • Creation and maintenance of visualforce pages using standard components as well as customization with javascript, CSS and remote action.
  • Development of controllers (standardController and extensions), triggers, batch apex and test classes, always taking into consideration the limits of governability in Salesforce.
  • Development and maintenance of validation rules, workflow rules, flows via process builder, collaboration rules, manual collaborations and collaborations of records via apex
  • Customization of standard pages in Salesforce.
  • Installation of components between sandbox and production environments using tools such as change sets, Eclipse and Data Migration Tool.
  • Use of data loader for updating records.

Office Parcel, Eclipse, Sublime Text 3 - MavensMate, Salesforce.com, Data Loader and developerforce workbench.

Universidad del Istmo – January 2012 – January 2013
Position: Salesforce Developer
Description: Responsible for the analysis, development and implementation of an inventory control system. Design of classes, database and user interfaces.

  • Development of the relational model and the database (tables, creation of fields, stored procedures, views and functions).
  • Programming screens in C # and Java.
  • Execution of functional and user tests.
  • Implementation of the program, as well as user training.
    Tools: MSSQL Server, C #, Java, Visual Studio 2008, Eclipse.


Universidad del Istmo, Campus Ixtepec, 2007 – 2012
Bachelor's degree, Computer

2014. Obtained degree in Computer Science, Bachelor's degree in "Licenciatura en Informática", by the thesis "Evaluación y Diagnóstico del Desempeño y Seguridad de la Red en la Universidad del Istmo, Campus Ixtepec"
2010 - 2013. Telmex Foundation Scholar


Platform Developer IV – December 2016 - December 2017
Salesforce, licencia 16709995


Virtual Museum of Geometry October 2010 Activities:

-Development of geometric figures in 3D.

-Update of database records.

-Training of users.

Tools: Irrlicht, MSSQL, Visual Studio.