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San Carlos de Alajuela, Costa Rica

DOMAIN:  Senior Development Operations Engineer

SUMMARY: Felipe is a Senior Development Operations Engineer with more than 10 years of experience in software development and telecommunications with strong leadership and research skills.

He has over 16 years of server administration experience with emphasis on OpenSource technologies, virtualization, cloud, monitoring and automation. He has experience leading and managing small engineer teams to accomplish DevOps, CI and IT support goals, SDLC and infrastructure assessment, workshop cross-training with Dev, Integration and Operations teams. 



  • Hypervisors: VMWare, XenServer, Microsoft HyperV, KVM
  • Server Administration: CentOS/RHEL, Debian, Linux, Windows 2000/2003/2008.
  • Server Software: Apache, MySQL/MariaDB, Nagios, Samba, FTP (vsftp, proftpd), Streaming (IceCast), Tomcat, SSHD, SNMP, SMSD, Cups, OpenVPN, Asterisk, zoneminder, gkrellmd, git. Rmpbuild.
  • Scripting languages: Bash, PHP
  • Development: Meteor, HTML, CSS, PHP, Bootstrap.
  • Databases: MySQL, MongoDB
  • Integration: Jenkins, Hudson
  • Testing: Selenium Webdriver/RC, Selenium IDE, phpunit, nightwatchjs


Agilysys – January 2017 – November 2017
Position: Build and Release Engineer/DevOps

  • Pipelining, automation and CICD support.
  • Software building and management.
  • Process and environment support.
  • Jenkins pipeline revision and optimization.
  • Jenkins groovy pipelining, workflows and job chaining.
  • Creation of jenkins jobs to perform general automation tasks through shell or groovy scripts.
  • Created Jenkins job to perform JIRA REST integration so that jira tickets would be updated automatically by the jenkins pipeline.
  • Created Atlassian Bitbucket server plugin webhooks with Java Atlassian SDK to block code pushes or merges to repositories.
  • Created jenkins job to enable and configure these Bitbucket hooks via REST upon a pipeline build break.
  • Created automation with fabric (python) to run preconfigured SonarQube reports for all projects from a dictionary.
  • SAST analysis.
  • Reviewed and worked on Ansible automation for product deployment using API calls and docker containers.
  • Reviewed and proposed amends to Docker compose recipes to deploy container stacks.
  • Application and CICD support.
  • Environment support and troubleshooting to help the Dev team.
  • Process troubleshooting.
  • Reviewed pipeline to propose enhancements for parallelizing stages

Salsamobi SRL – March 2016 – January 2017
Position: Senior Software developer at Salsamobi
Description: Meteor JavaScript senior development engineer supporting webapp application development (part-time, ~16/ hrs/week).

  • Created email and SMS support for Meteor JS webapps using sendgrid and twilio providers.
  • Created message templates for both email and SMS to be sent with specific report information.
  • Created scheduled tasks to run reports on Meteor NodeJS server against MongoDB databases and email or SMS results to a list of users.
  • Helped create different screens and application processes.
  • Iron Router, Publications, Subscriptions and access lists.
  • Reactivity.
  • Closely helped reviewing application document structure with lead architect on MongoDB for application performance and reporting processes.
  • Created and proposed a PoC CI workflow to build a meteor webapp from Git source code, archive it in a repository, deploy to a selected cloud infrastructure and run e2e tests against it using a Jenkins server, ansible, selenium, meteor and nightwatchjs, on a CentOS cloud server hosted in Dreamhost (openstack) with OpenVPN access and KVM internal networks, iptables/netfilter filtering and forwarding.
  • Provisioned new environments for different clients using different IaaS providers such as Meteor Galaxy and Modulus, and different MongoDB providers.
  • Dumped, backed up and restored client databases, migrated environments.
  • Edited database records by hand through command line using MongoDB tools.

Cineplex Digital Media – April 2012 – December 2016
Position: System and Database Administrator
Description: Systems administration, production and preproduction support, application support and troubleshooting, application deployment. Datacenter support. User support to different teams: HD, finance, management, PMO, creative.

  • Designed, developed, automated and implemented monitoring solution with Nagios Core opensource, watching over 200+ servers over 3 different datacenters. Administration, customization of checks, scheduling, trending, alerting. SNMP and NRPE based. Rrdtool graphs and history. Custom developed checks to get special application metrics. Email and SMS alerting, escalation process. Custom dashboards for nagios and nagiosgraph.
  • Delivered all custom Nagios code as rpm installables through a Hudson job created to build artifacts with RPMBuild. Created and maintained own yum repository of addons to nagios with createrepo tool.
  • Ansible automation, created recipes and processes to deploy and maintain all Monitoring components starting from bare metal up. Created custom components to assess the infrastructure and dynamically build nagios compatible configurations files, ready to load into monitoring.
  • Created Selenium end to end tests to run programatically against some production interfaces that allowed us to alert based on functionality and capture performance metrics with a custom Selenium<>Nagios adapter. Created and maintained production Selenium Webdriver server to run batteries of e2e tests against different environments.
  • Product deployment through ansible.
  • Helped design, implement and maintain a custom monitoring solution to asses health of more than 45.000 linux endpoints world wide, providing marketing content solutions to four continents. Created several bash script reports to sweep the entire network population in parallel, capture statistics and present as an excel compatible csv file.
  • Created php interfaces to provide some server actions to external teams without needing to grant them server access.
  • Member of Change Control Board.

Avantica – October 2009 – Present
Position: Senior DevOps Engineer / IT Engineer II

  • Tutoring junior engineers into DevOps practices and career path (Everest Sherpa).
  • Establishing new CI practices for internal projects, starting CI infrastructure from scratch with Jenkins and Ansible leading a small team of engineers to provide for internal projects. * Helped shape Jira DevOps project by creating tickets, defining tasks and estimations, defining some medium term goals, tackling specific project implementations through resource allocation and support, classifying epics and components, gathering delivery reports and statistics.
  • Created automation to provide Jenkins integrated hypervisor capabilities using VirtualBox and KVM support with features such as creating and destroying VMs, exposing VM services through iptables DNAT forwarding, generally managing firewall status to find and close open ports for service reusing.
  • Helped automate and define some pieces of the Internal DevOPS/CI Stack: Selenium support, VirtualBox/ KVM Support, Ansible, OWASP ZAP, AlienVault's OSSIM SIEM, Jenkins Master and Nodes automation, Docker hosts, OpenStack Compute and Neutron Networking services.
  • Helped augment the Internal SDLC by proposing and providing automation support for DAST analysis by QA teams through OWASP ZAP.

    As IT Engineer:
  • User and Product Support.
  • New Personnel equipment deployment using linux tools.
  • Linux servers maintenance: apache, mysql, samba, rssh, subversion.
  • Windows Server administration: LDAP, security groups, DHCP.
  • Datacenter support and maintenance.
  • Provisioning of new VMWare ESXi Hypervisor. vSphere control workstation, hypervisor and networking managing and support.
  • Provisioning of 16TB Raid Array with Dell Hardware.
  • Provisioning of two XenServer Hypervisors, XenCenter managing workstation.
  • Maintained custom WakeOnLan and Shutdown solution with Linux based servers.
  • Development and Maintenance of Nagios Core monitoring, MRTG Monitoring


2006. ZoNada Website setup and maintenance, through dynamic domain name,  http://zonada.ath.cx, using Joomla dynamic content manager. The site mainly consisted of columns for designated authors, besides discussion forums, photo gallery systems, audio and video streaming and private messaging.

2006. Design and setup of personal website using Macromedia tools. Free hosted and redirected. http://nihil.cl.kz.

2004 – 2005. Design, setup and maintenance of own cybercafe. Curicó, Chile. Website development using dynamic domain name http://zonada.ath.cx, hosted on own server with Debian 3.0; web, ftp, monitoring, online radio, email and remote administration serving.

2003. Design and setup of cybercafe Xiber. Concepción, Chile.

2002. IT and advisor for Infored Chile Ltda. Concepción, Chile.

2001 – 2006. Outsource IT and advisor for Adportas S.A. Concepción, Chile.

2000 to date. Independent user and company support in IT areas.


San José, Costa Rica
Coursed first 2 modules CISCO CCNA at CNA-UCR.

Universidad de Costa Rica
Computer Systems Networking and Telecommunication

2002 - 2001
DuocUC. Concepción, Chile
Network Administrator Technician

Universidad de Concepción. Concepción, Chile
Engineering, first year


  • ETS TOEIC Certified (Test of English International Communication) by CORFO, Chile, 2004. Level 1, Professional. 930 Points 3/3+. www.ets.org/toeic/ www.sp.toeic.eu/
  • Medium user level skills in Macromedia website development tools. Flash 8, Dreamweaver 9.
  • Advanced user skills in image editing software Adobe Photoshop CS2.
  • User level skills in video editing software Adobe Premiere 7.
  • Advanced user skills in sequencer, editing and audio processing tools. Cubase 5 DAW, Reason 3, Cool Edit 2 pro, Adobe Audition 1.5, Fruity Loops 4.5